Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Comic Challenge!

This week is dedicated to NEDROID and BEARTATO! Could it get any better?


*Blogging is really great.  I always get excited to share new stuff with everyone.  It's a feeling like stepping off a cliff, but waiting below is a giant marshmallow to catch you.  Which you then chew through to another cliff and marshmallow.  Also there is bacon in the center of the marshmallow.  Right, so, here is the deal-yo:

My personal challenge is to create a new webcomic, from scratch, and place it on this blog every Monday**.

Check my art below to see what these will probably end up looking like.  Extremely homely and rough, and I expect the humor will be the same!  Hopefully, over time, these things will improve.

My goal is to make everyone's Monday a little more enjoyable, and of course to get better at this stuff too.

**Unless life sucker punches me and I have to do other things for a while.


  1. Looking forward to those Mondays :)

  2. Great, Beartato is really funny.
    I'm here now, I'll be here every monday.

  3. Nice illustrations! very funny read!
    Following & Supporting

  4. Great illustration! And good luck with mondays! :P

  5. Just to let you know, in case you haven't seen it yet, I posted a new article in my ongoing tutorial series. It's called: Inside AdSense & AdSense Inside: A Blogger Tutorial

    Hope to see you real soon.

  6. are you using a generator or you draw them !?

  7. Thanks for the love everyone!

    Just to be clear, the comic in this post is not mine, it's from :) The drawings below this post are mine.

    Soon though I will have some of my own comics up!

  8. Doit do it do it doit!
    I looking forward to reading something good on a Monday not unlike this one