Friday, October 29, 2010

Fat Fridays!

Hello everyone,

I'm currently working on Part 4 of the Ghost Story on Erroneous Maximus.  I'm also working on squishing my webcomic ideas into something presentable.

Those won't be done until next week though, so in the meantime I introduce to you ... FAT FRIDAY!

What is this madness you speak of, oh grizzled wizard?

Well, I like music, and I like weekends.  I want to share some music each Friday that gets me excited for the weekend.  Generally things with fat beats.  I'll start out with a modern classic of electronica: Bassnectar, and his wunderbar piece called Timestretch.  It feels like Bassnectar can stretch time with this track, so lets stretch the weekend a little further this Fat Friday!

Have a safe and happy Halloween weekend!


  1. Wooo, you weren't lying. Now there was a chillout beat that just hangs for dayyyyyyys. Love it.

  2. I get to see Bassnectar in concert Sunday. YAYYYYYY ME!

  3. sweet sound, and I love the album pic

  4. whoaa, nice sound man
    thanks for the recommendation

  5. Cool song man I like the bass :)