Monday, November 1, 2010

A Challenge Appears!

So I found out that I am lacking some key technical equipment for

First I tried to draw my ideas in MS Paint.  It looked like what I do with my terrible animal animations, but somehow worse.

Then I thought drawing it manually would be nice. However, I have no scanner.  I do have a Blackberry camera though, so here we go!

I am bad at this.
They may be hard to see, and also that says "Probably all 3 at once" at the bottom.  That was me thinking that I might have to throw these around for a while before one stands out.

I think the strongest one is Soap Opera.  Imagine all the antics and good times soap bubbles could have.  I got excited when I thought of this idea, then when it comes to drawing it I just keep drawing bubbles.  I think some memorable shapes might help this idea.

My second favorite is Dr. Lemon, O.D.   I like it because my brother is an optometrist, and he could be an endless source of humorous material.

What do you guys think?  "Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad" is option 4.


  1. They're not bad ideas but one thing you have to keep in mind is what demography are you going after with these webcomics? Each successful webcomic has a specific group that it targets and appeals to. That, or it is completely unique and appealing so it attracts people that way.

    Start with a successful and loyal fanbase and work your way from there. Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising that there is.

  2. I think I'd read a 'soap' opera about bubbles XD

  3. @David Davidson Yeah... I think my demographic is a certain website that shall remain anonymous.

    I do need to really sit down and think about this. So far I've just been running character ideas around in my head, and not really developing their world or what demographic it might appeal to.

  4. Lol I think they should all be put together into 1 piece. Would be awesome.

  5. I'm with you, the soap opera looks coolest, then dr.lemon!

  6. cool ideaa very nice post :) ;)

  7. Thanks for the positive encouragement and support! I have a new drawing tablet, and you've all helped cement the amalgamation of ideas that will be the final product, so I'm excited to start drawing. I want to wait for more people to take the poll first, and then I will begin!

  8. i like toiletdrawings
    keeps me entertained while taking a shit

  9. "Your ideas are bad and you should feel bad" is option 4.

    I would never think such a thing!

  10. I like dr. lemon the best. But I also think that a combination of them all would be fun. They're all such different characters.